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Twan van Hagen

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Brightlands Campus

Venlo, Netherlands

Ruud Derks

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  • Twan van Hagen


Bijgewerkt: 2 jun 2019

FOTO FLTR: Ruud Derks (VRF), René Bloemers (Blue Engineering), Harry den Hartigh (Rainwinner), Bjorn Henderickx (Henderickx Landscape), Jan Schalkwijk (on behalf of Verhoeven carpentry company ) and Twan van Hagen (VRF).

Deze parties are building the prototype at the site of the Brightlands Campus in Venlo (Netherlands). During the inspirational kick off meeting (picture) all inns and outs of the design were analysed and discussed in detail. The central question was: how do we build a prototype that works and functions the way we want it to function . Furthermore we demand that the prototype is build out of sustainable materials and look beautiful at the same time. So, we set high goals. If all works well June 3 the prototype goes live.

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